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‘The Keeping Hours’ Review: Carrie Coon and Lee Pace Grieve, Repetitively

As “The Keeping Hours” begins, seven years have passed since the death of Mark (Lee Pace) and Elizabeth’s (Carrie Coon) child. Six years have passed since the once-happy couple split. These are unpleasant anniversaries, which doesn’t make them any less difficult to remember, or to forget. In the interim, Elizabeth has done what she could…

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‘Twin Peaks': We Think We Just Saw the Birth of BOB

Major spoilers for episode 8 of “Twin Peaks: The Return.” Besides being one long, Lynchian visual experiment, this week’s episode of the “Twin Peaks” revival also may have just given us the origin of just about everything — specifically BOB. And it starts with a nuclear bomb. A large, black and white photo of a…

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