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Mike Comrie Rape Case Rejected Over Holes In Sodomy Claim

Ex-NHL star Mike Comrie will NOT be charged with rape — after prosecutors say there was reasonable doubt as to whether his accuser consented to anal sex during a sexual encounter in February.  TMZ Sports broke the story … Comrie was investigated… Permalink Source: TMZ Feed

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Bill Maher Lobbies for New Holiday: ‘I Didn’t Reproduce Day’ (Video)

Now that we have had Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Bill Maher wants to set aside this Sunday to celebrate people who are neither with a new holiday that he’d like to call “I Didn’t Reproduce Day.” The “Real Time” comedian made it perfectly clear during Friday night’s show that he has nothing against having…

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Heartbreaking Footage Emerges of Little Girl in Philando Castile’s Car

On Wednesday, Minnesota police released further video from the July, 2016 shooting of Philando Castile that sheds heartbreaking light on what Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her 4-year old daughter were going through in the moments immediately following his death. The footage, from the back seat of a patrol car, shows Reynold’s daughter begging her…

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