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Watch Lindsay Lohan Defend Harvey Weinstein in Quickly Deleted Video

Lindsay Lohan had fans and detractors alike scratching their heads after she posted — and quickly deleted — a strange video to Instagram in which she defended disgraced studio boss Harvey Weinstein. “Hi, it’s Lindsay Lohan. Hi. I’m in Dubai, I’m home,” she said in the Instagram Story, using a let’s-call-it-unfamiliar accent. “I feel very…

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2 Chainz Sued for Skipping Rolls-Royce Payments

2 Chainz has a lotta nerve skipping out on his Rolls-Royce tab … according to a high-end auto broker who’s suing to get the dough. Highline Holdings Group says 2 Chainz hired them to lock down a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead, but when it came time… Permalink Source: TMZ Feed

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Anderson Cooper After Kellyanne Conway Calls Corker Tweets ‘Irresponsible': ‘Let That Sink In’ (Video)

Anderson Cooper sounded perplexed that Kellyanne Conway would call Senator Bob Corker’s tweeted criticism of President Trump “incredibly irresponsible.” “She finds tweets like Senator Bob Corker’s ‘incredibly irresponsible,’ saying world leaders see it. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment,” Anderson said during his CNN show “360” Monday night. The Republican senator from…

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