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20 ‘Rediculous’ Typos from Trump’s White House, from ‘Attaker’ to ‘Unpresidented’ (Photos)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

You can’t have “the best words” if you can’t correctly spell those words. Even more serious than the Trump administration’s beef with CNN is its beef with grammar–as is evidenced by a score of tweets and official White House documents that are riddled with spelling errors, misused words, and  downright gibberish. Here are 20 of the worst (and most laughable) offenses.


Oh, the irony! The White House tried to call out the Congressional Budget Office for inaccuracy but inaccurately spelled the word “inaccurately.”


Before “covfefe,” there was “honered.” Of course, newly-inaugurated Trump meant to tweet that he was “honored,” but that’s not what happened.


According to Huffington Post, Trump Twitter-slammed China for seizing a U.S. underwater drone in December 2016. He also made up a word in the process. By “unpresidented,” we can assume he meant “unprecedented.”

“San Bernadino”

The White House got a few things wrong with this list of “unreported” terror attacks. First, many of the incidents actually had been reported. Second, “San Bernardino” was spelled incorrectly.


In the same report, the WH managed to misspell “attacker” 23 times in a row. That has to be some sort of record.

“W.E.B. DeBois”

The U.S. Dept. of Education botched the name of legendary civil rights activist, W.E.B. DuBois. It’s DU Bois, as in “DU” they realize the epic mistake they made?

“Deepest apologizes”

Apparently, the DOE did catch the gaffe and subsequently tweeted out an apology…sort of.


This is a common spelling error that also tripped up Steve Harvey in the past. For the record, when referring to the country, the correct spelling is “Colombia.”

“Possibility of lasting peach”

According to a White House press release, one of Trump’s objectives during his most recent visit to Israel was to “promote the possibility of lasting peach” between Israelis and Palestinians. Who needs peace when you can have peaches?!

“Couple with changes”

Another typo from the same press release. This time, someone left off the “d” in the word “coupled.” Hence, we have “A new approach, couple with changes.”


After Trump tweeted this misspelling on May 18, Merriam-Webster reported that “councel” was their most-searched word of that day.


President Obama did not “tapp” Trump’s phone at any time during his two terms in office, because there is no such word as “tapp” in the English language.

Too vs. To

This was not a tweet. This was Donald Trump’s official inauguration portrait…with an egregious typo printed front and center.

“Teresa May”

This mistake doesn’t seem too critical… until you consider the fact that Teresa (sans “h”) May is the name of a British porn star, not the British Prime Minister. The latter spells her first name with an “h.”

“Hear by”

He should have typed “hereby.” Of course, POTUS received a lot of flack for this one, among his many other botched spellings.


Failure took the form of a White House Snapchat on April 17. There’s no excuse for this one.

“Thr” and “Gas”

Trump displayed poor spelling in his attempt to shade two credible news outlets via Twitter.


“Amoung,” many other things, he will also not use spellcheck.


This was a statement made by Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, in an official White House document.


Once again, Trump unleashes a grammatically incorrect Twitter rage at his arch nemesis, CNN.


Source: the wrap feed

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