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Bill Maher Calls Republicanism ‘What Would a D–k Do?’ Politics (Video)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

“Real Time” host Bill Maher has noticed that Republican politics has made a shift in recent times or, as he puts it, “So much of what they have done since Trump took over isn’t moving the party in a more conservative direction. It’s also not a Libertarian [direction]. It’s just a dick move.”

The liberal comedian’s “New Rules” segment on Friday night’s HBO show had some not-so nice things to say about the right wing, suggesting that “Republicans have to learn the difference between being a conservative and just being a dick.”

Conservatism, he says, is “just about some warped idea that the way to show strength is by being a dick and that, in a nutshell, is what republicanism has become – looking at any problem and saying, ‘What would a dick do?’”

Case in point, Trumps’ EPA just greenlighted a pesticide known to damage kids’ brains. Or the ending of school lunch programs. “That just encourages a dependency of food,” Maher says, mocking Republican thinking. “No more free rides you lazy six-year-olds. You want to eat? Do what kids in China do — sew ties for President Trump.”

Or reversing Obama era fuel-efficient C standards for cars. “This was a done deal!” Maher said. “An industry that we taxpayers bailed out and is now making record profits already agreed to it. It makes the air cleaner, it makes us more energy independent, it saves people money that they can spend on other things. It was a win, win, win, win. That’s called a no-brainer, which would lead you to believe that even Republicans could get it right.”

“All they had to do with nothing… their specialty.”

Watch the entire segment in the video above.

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Source: the wrap feed

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