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Bill Maher Compares Donald Trump To ‘Aging, Unstable Drama Queen’ Norma Desmond (Video)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Bill Maher came out swinging on his HBO show “Real Time” Friday night, not just taking aim at Donald Trump, but also at his “enabling” peeps who surround him.

“Without his professional liars and deniers, there’s no Trump. It takes a village to help a man-child stay in power,” Maher said in his New Rules segment.

“If you get up every day and try to make Donald Trump’s ludicrous and dangerous pronouncements sound normal and sane, you are an enabler,” he said. “Twenty years from now when your kids ask you over a glass of soylent green ‘What did you do during the Trump years, Daddy?,’ you don’t want your answer to be ‘My job was to go on TV and pretend Trump didn’t say whatever you just heard him say.’ That is an enabler and that word is not a compliment.”

Comparing Trump to “Sunset Boulevard’s” Norma Desmond and her “sycophant man servant” Max as a great fictional enabler, Maher called the similarity especially timely.

“It’s about an aging unstable drama queen who is able to maintain a fantasy world because, even though Norma Desmond is pure, around the bend she’s bats–t nuts,” he said, as a classic scene of Norma descending a staircase played in the background.

“Like I say, timely,” Maher added, with the footage of Norma’s descent replaced with footage of Trump making his way down an escalator in Trump Tower.

“In the plot, Norma Desmond is a faded movie queen, a silent film star of the 1920s, but now she hasn’t worked in 30 years but she still thinks she’s big because of Max. Max goes into the basement every night and writes fake fan letters to fool her into thinking people still love her. Is that really any different than [Devin Nunes] pretending to have intelligence that backs up what his mad boss tweeted at three in the morning?”

After jabs at those Maher calls Trump’s enablers – everyone from Sean Hannity to Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence – he said, “I’m sure last week when Trump’s health care bill went down in flames, he was surrounded by enablers who all nodded when he said, ‘I’m still Bigly… it’s Congress that got small.’”

Watch the New Rules clip above.

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Source: the wrap feed

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