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Bill Maher Needs Drugs to Cope With the Nonstop Craziness of the Trump Years (Video)

Saturday, November 10, 2018

During the “New Rules” segment of “Real Time” on Friday, Bill Maher touched on the wild week that just ended, and how Trump’s behavior toward pretty much everything is both terrifying — and exhausting enough to want to give up.

After first giving viewers his permission to take the rest of the year off from politics — and then calling Trump “the Santa Claus of chaos” and “the gift that never stops taking,” Maher reflected on the nonstop stress volcano of paying attention to politics during his administration.

“Each morning you confront the news, with the same thought that Stormy Daniels said she had when sat next to her on the bed: Ugh. Here we go,” Maher said. “Every day it seems like it’s the same thing. You open your news feed. Facepalm.”

“Now, all year long, and going back to before the election, I have been calling the Trump phenomenon a slow moving coup. Well this week it started moving a little faster,” Maher continued, referencing acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. “In third world dictatorships, the chief law enforcement officer’s main qualification is he doesn’t enforce the law. Officials of independent mind are hounded out, or shoved aside.”

Then he turned his attention to Trump’s lack of transparency and relationship with the press. “For a coup to work, it is necessary that truth has to be destroyed. As well as the people who try to report it. So the dictator is free to say anything and his followers believe it,” Maher said.

Maher then said that Fox News is now state TV, “where the reporters openly endorse the leader, and we have people overseeing the elections they are running in,” referring to Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp.

Next he quoted Rudy Guiliani, “Trump’s semi-liquid mob mouthpiece,” who said earlier this year that “truth isn’t truth.”

“So ‘truth isn’t truth,’ the press is the enemy of the people, there are ‘alternative facts,’ ‘there’s no proof of anything,’ ‘what you see and hear isn’t what’s happening,’ and at some point people go ‘you know what? Fine, f— it. Truth isn’t truth, facts aren’t facts, what I see isn’t happening, nothing is real and nothing to get hung up about, strawberry fields forever,’” said Maher.

“Please pass the joint — or some crack, because I can still reason, and it hurts,” he concluded.

Watch the whole clip below:

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Source: the wrap feed

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