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Mayhem Miller Acquitted In Domestic Violence Case

Ex-MMA fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller is officially off the hook in his domestic violence case — after a jury found him NOT GUILTY of beating up his ex-girlfriend. The trial was intense — with Miller acknowledging he got into multiple physical… Permalink Source: TMZ Feed

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Why Battered Women Won't Always Leave Their Batterers

The reality is that most domestic violence victims are women. State ex rel. Hope House, Inc. v. Merrigan, 133 S.W.3d 44, 47 (Mo. 2004). Such women are often blamed for remaining in abusive environments since “one of the common myths, apparently believed by most people, is that battered [women] are free to leave.” State v….

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Academy of Motion Pictures Sued for Allegedly Firing Cancer Victim

A former employee has filed a lawsuit against the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences claiming he was fired while receiving treatment for Stage IV cancer, and that his supervisors refused to comply with his doctors’ instructions and requests for him to work from home. The plaintiff, former human resources manager Rodolfo Davila, began working for the…

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The true measure of a Private Investigator isn’t the awards, but what the awards say about the Private Investigator: dedication and commitment to the client.