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Our team of skilled private investigators work diligently to achieve the valuable results our clients expect. We specialize in discreet investigations gathering and preparing in-depth information for all purposes from litigation to personal protection and professional background checks. Get in touch with one of our experienced P.I.s today and give the opportunity to tell you how we can help.


Proof Is In The Results

To bolster a client’s divorce settlement, our skilled asset investigation services team employed proven methods for uncovering hidden assets including discreet on camera surveillance monitoring. We effectively documented that the client’s ex-husband was fraudulently hiding his employment and attempting to hide assets and net worth from their settlement claim. Once we confirmed he was not only employed with a large engineering firm, but verified that he was earning approximately $100,000 annually, our client was able to receive the full alimony benefits due to her. Learn more about our detailed proven record of achievement and the types of private investigations we’ve successfully conducted.


An Ex-Employee

An California law firm handling a business-to-business litigation case needed to locate the whereabouts of an ex-employee of the defendant. We were supplied only with a name. Our skilled Skip Trace Investigators located the individual. Based on our efforts, our client interviewed the ex-employee and obtained a positive outcome in their litigation matter.


My Back Hurts

A California-based insurance company received a claim from their policyholder. The workers compensation claim involved an employee who allegedly slipped and fell at work, injuring his back. The employer received numerous complaints from co-workers indicating that the subject was not injured, and was busy with other activities. We were asked to verify this information. Our skilled Insurance Claim Investigators obtained detailed videotape of the subject lifting furniture, playing basketball and jogging. As a result of our efforts, our client denied the employee’s benefits, and the case was settled for no monetary value.


I Have No Job

A California law firm represented a woman in an attempt to collect her back child support. We were contacted, as the ex-husband stated under oath that he was unemployed and unable to pay his child support. Our skilled Asset Search investigators utilized numerous techniques, including surveillance, to document that the ex-husband was currently employed with a large engineering firm, and verified that he was earning approximately $100,000 annually.


The Perfect Employee

A fortune 500 Company located in California, was told by the applicant that he would be the perfect employee. Our skilled investigators conducted an extensive Pre-Employment Background Check, which revealed that the potential employee had failed to disclose his criminal background. Based on our efforts, our client saved potentially thousands of dollars in unnecessary training and termination fees.


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