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One of the Top Private Investigations and Litigation Support Firms in California

California Private Investigators, has been providing private data collection, process serving and legal support information services. We have been one of the most trusted P.I. firms in the State of California. Satisfied clients have included prestigious law firms, national insurance companies, prominent corporations and small businesses protecting their investments.

In addition, our services have been invaluable to private individuals looking for investigative solutions to a range of legal and personal challenges. Our California-based private investigators and private detectives provide experienced, discrete private investigation tactics for spousal investigation for marital infidelity, in-home caregiver surveillance, and child custody monitoring. With seasoned experience and professionalism our investigators have proven their integrity testifying in court as objective observers reinforcing the cases of our clients to bolster the truth. Due to stringent certifications and training, a respected private investigator giving court testimony before a judge or jury can make all the difference in winning a legal proceeding.

Our staff of seasoned professional investigators not only have police training, but we hand pick specialized experts in their fields. The Cal P.I. team includes forensic document examiners, investigative interview experts, and well-respected industry authorities in the credit check, debt collections, loan and fraud investigation, and related financial legal fields. We are trained and licensed to conduct private investigations, process service, on-site personal and property security (commercial and residential) as well as all aspects of private detective work in California, Arizona and Colorado.

Every one of our licensed investigators and trusted support staff pass rigorous criminal background checks to ensure our clients total secrecy, tactful discretion and trust. We additionally conduct detailed investigation into the character, history and ethics of our staff as California Private Investigators puts intensive focus on not only protecting our clients, but providing them with the best private eye services available nationwide.

Modern detective work and private investigation requires the latest in investigative uses of technology. We employ the latest in innovative surveillance equipment, constantly updating our security protocols and technological gear to constantly be at the forefront of cutting edge investigative techniques. Our team of private detectives licensed in California implement proven approaches to investigation which draw from street-wise experience, fact-based logic, attention to detail, deductive reasoning and putting shoe leather to the concrete which add up to the perfect formula for achieving investigative results.

While the benefits of using advanced surveillance technology extends the reach of our eyes and ears, we know it isn’t a substitute for tried-and-true investigative procedures which require connecting with people and their environment in person. This multi-disciplinary approach yields consistent and measurable results for our clients, uncovering the truth that empowers them with the legal and factual material they need. Once you are a California P.I. client, the collective benefits of our experience, training, technology, professional discretion and diligence are at your disposal.

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