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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Jim Jefferies: Trump Era Is a ‘Sexual Slavery Pizza/Baseball Dugout, in Our Minds’ (Video)

Tuesday on “The Jim Jefferies Show,” an exasperated Jefferies said the experience of living in the Trump era is like having the crazed logic of “#Pizzagate” being imposed on real life.

“In a way, we’re all trapped in a sexual slavery pizza/baseball dugout, in our minds,” Jefferies joked.

The comment came after Jefferies examined what he called “a new kind of emotion,” inspired by Donald Trump: “But… Wait… He can’t… F–k you… Oh well, what can you do?”

To illustrate, Jefferies looked at recent news items, like the California wildfires Trump blamed on environmental protection laws. He also brought up the report that the EPA is considering relaxing restrictions on asbestos. Jefferies then played a 2005 clip in which Trump claimed asbestos could have prevented the 911 attacks from succeeding.

After that, Jeffires compared to the situation to a baseball game where a team hits a home run only to be told it wasn’t a home run. When they protest, they’re told it was a home run, but those no longer score points.

Then, said Jefferies: “The umpire says ‘This isn’t even a baseball game. We’re in a child sex ring in the basement of a pizza parlor.’”

Watch the whole clip above.

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