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‘SNL': Baldwin’s Trump Celebrates the Anniversary of the Mueller Investigation with a ‘Sopranos’ Parody (Video)

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Alec Baldwin returned for the series finale of “SNL” as Donald Trump, parodying the finale of “The Sopranos” to celebrate the first year of the Russia investigation.

Baldwin’s Trump started the sketch by entering a restaurant in New Jersey to meet friends — Kate McKinnon as Rudy Giuliani, Ben Stiller as his former lawyer Michael Cohen, and Mikey Day as Donald Trump Jr.

“So Rudy did you go on Fox News last night?” Trump asked as McKinnon’s Giuliani sat down.

“Like 20 times,” Giuliani answered. “Don’t worry I told them you were openly colluding with Russia, but then I said ‘So what!’ I even confessed to some crimes you didn’t do but then i said, what are you gonna do, arrest the president?”

Stiller’s Cohen entered next, still downtrodden for being pulled into the Robert Mueller investigation.

“So how was work today?” Giuliani asked him.

“Oh you know, really bad,” Stiller’s Cohen answered. “Mostly just preparing to go to jail and stuff. They said I might get 20 years if I don’t give you up.”

“Jail is fun. It’s like camp,” Trump responded.

“You can always come visit,” Cohen said.

“I would but, golf,” Baldwin’s Trump said.

Next, Mikey Day entered, reprising his long-running role as Donald Trump Jr. Trump started the conversation by asking him where Eric Trump was, since they always appear together in “SNL” sketches.

Day’s Trump Jr. said that he was parallel parking, and the sketch cut to find Alex Moffat as Eric, parallel parking a big wheel.

As the group continued their meeting, one last star walked into the restaurant: Robert Mueller, played again by Robert De Niro.

Trump slowly realized he was the only one of the group who realized the special prosecutor was in the restaurant, as the others continued to talk about their criminal dealings.

“Hey Dad, maybe tomorrow I’ll show you that Chinese deal we ‘didn’t talk about,’ ” Day’s Don Jr. said.

“Hey that’s great — is that Robert Mueller? Am I the only one who sees that guy?” Trump asked.

Trump and Mueller made eye contact as Giuliani and Cohen continued to say incriminating things.

“Hey, I think I figured out a loophole so they can’t legally subpoena you,” McKinnon’s Giuliani told him. “Have you heard of faking your own death?”

As Trump watched, De Niro’s Mueller stood up and pointedly walked by — and then made a “Meet the Parents” joke, making the “I’m watching you” gesture at Trump.

The sketch ended just like “The Sopranos” did: by cutting to a black screen.

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Source: the wrap feed

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