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Sunday, November 19, 2017

‘SNL': Black Gotham City Residents Wish Batman Would Stop Racially Profiling Them (Video)

Is Batman guilty of racially profiling the alleged criminals he goes after? Some of the Gotham residents at Bruce Wayne’s annual Thanksgiving food drive on “SNL” sure think so, in a timely sketch on the opening weekend for “Justice League.”

“So, Bruce, you know how Batman is always tough on crime?” “SNL” host Chance the Rapper asked Wayne, played by Bennett.

“Yes I do, son, and I’ll tell you a little secret: I actually know Batman,” Wayne replied.

“Well, can you tell him to cool it down in our neighborhoods?” Chance asked. “Somebody’s gotta do something about him. I mean he broke my best friend’s jaw in two places and all he did was steal a TV. That’s excessive!”

“Batman fights crime wherever he sees it,” Wayne said after Chance added that his friend ended up hanging from a gargoyle and Batman just left him up there.

“It just seems like he’s in our neighborhood all the time,” Chance said. You can watch the sketch above.

From there, cast members Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd interjected themselves into the conversation. Thompson tells a story of how Batman broke his jaw and hung him from a gargoyle for littering, and Redd described a time when his car stalled while driving late at night and Batman pulled him out of his car and threw him into a nearby Best Buy, breaking his jaw, and then hanging him from a gargoyle.

Fortunately, Melissa Villasenor presented a plan to deal with this Batman problem. She mentions that her cousin is in jail with the Joker, and that when they get out they’re planning to cut off Batman’s penis.

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