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‘SNL': Chuck Todd Tries – and Fails Spectacularly – to Find Anything to Make Republicans Stop Supporting Trump (Video)

Sunday, May 12, 2019

In the cold open to the latest episode of “SNL,” no celebrities showed up to impersonate people like Robert Mueller or Donald Trump. But the show didn’t shy away from politics, kicking off with a parody of NBC’s “Meet the Press” in which Kyle Mooney’s Chuck Todd tried — and failed — to come up with anything that would make Republican leaders stop supporting Trump. Watch the clip above.

Joining Mooney for the bit were Kate McKinnon as Lindsay Graham, Beck Bennett as Mitch McConnell, and Cecily Strong as Susan Collins.

Mooney’s Chuck started things off by asking the guests if they support Trump’s escalating trade war with China.

Beckett’s McConnell said “there’s a simple answer to that. there was no collusion.” Meanwhile, McKinnon’s Graham was more effusive: “Chuck, listen. when you have a president who’s a financial genius and a business Jesus like Donald Trump, you’ve just got to trust him. this man has lost 100 times more money than I’ve ever made.”

Mooney’s Todd then asked Strong’s Collins how she feels about Trump “just unilaterally doing what he wants.”

After some back and forth, Mooney’s Todd cut to the chase and asked the Republicans what, if anything, could make Trump lose their support. First, he asked how they’d react if Mueller testified before congress that Trump obstructed justice.

“Well, we need a leader that’s willing to do what he’s got to do to win,” said McConnell.

“See, the best way to uphold the law is to be above it,” added Graham.

So what if, Todd asked, Trump was Muslim. “Do we still get those tax cuts?” asked Graham. “You do,” said Todd. “Okay. well, then I guess it’s ‘salaam aleikum, brother president.’”

After several more failures, Todd just asked what they’d say if Trump literally punched them. “Harder, daddy,” said Graham.

“So there’s absolutely nothing President Trump could do to lose your support,” an exasperated Todd asked.

Said McConnell: “I wouldn’t say that. Let’s say hypothetically he got gay married.” “Yeah. To the leader of Isis” added McConnell. “And they had matching diapers fashioned out of the original constitution,” Collins said.

“Who are we kidding,” asked McConnell. “We’ll always be ride or die bitches.”

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Source: the wrap feed

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