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‘SNL': Kate McKinnon’s Susan B. Anthony Is Very Eager and Clueless

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Susan B. Anthony is a pivotal figure in the women’s rights movement, but during a sketch on “Saturday Night Live,” home girl was just flat out annoying.

Host Felicity Jones, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Melissa Villasenor and Vanessa Bayer were taking a historic tour of the suffragette’s house when they decided to try and summon Anthony using an urban legend they’d heard of.

“I heard a secret that if a group of women holds hands in her living room and says her name three times, she’ll appear,” says one of the women. 

Turns out, the legend is true. Susan B. Anthony, played by “SNL” regular Kate McKinnon, appeared right there next to them donned in all her outdated clothing. The women were all excited to have a chance to speak to the activist and made sure to thank her for all her work whilst letting her know that it’s “kind of a hard time for women right now.”

“It’s always a hard time for women, my dear,” said Anthony in a preachy type voice. “The important thing is to never give up. I paved the way for you and now you must pave the way for women 100 years from now. You are the future, my dears.”

Well, that was the end of the little progressive gathering. It was getting late and the girls were trying to figure out how to make the last train to the city while arguing over whether they should get one or two cabs, but good old Susan wasn’t finished handing out advice. Plus she was a little confused by all the modern technology.

“And another thing, girls, a woman can only be in chains if she allows herself to be in chains,” Anthony said over the bickering girls. 

At this point, the girls were getting a little irritated with Anthony, who got all up on Cecily Strong as she tried to figure out what that magical thing she was talking to was. She also clearly was excited to interact with other people for the first time in a while.

“Did you see my little shoes?” asked the suffragette.

“Yes, bitch, we saw your crap!” said one of the girls. “Oh, my god, Susan B. Anthony, I’m so sorry. That was so rude.”

As the group finally headed out the door, ole Susan had one last piece of advice for the modern ladies: “Just remember, girls, a woman is just as good as a man.

“Also, abortion is murder.”

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Source: the wrap feed

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