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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

‘The Daily Show’ Can’t Afford ‘Shallow’ so Enjoy Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s ‘Old MacDonald’ (Video)

On Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah had a hilarious work-around to a major setback he encountered while talking about the 2019 Oscars.

At the top of the show, he brought up Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance of their “A Star Is Born” duet “Shallow.” But unfortunately, while he could run footage of the “super-hot” set, the problem was that “we can’t afford the rights to the song. So we can play the video for you, but we have to change the music.”

So it is that when a clip of the widely-celebrated moment rolled, the music was replaced with an instrumental version of “Old MacDonald.” To be honest, the weirdly-compelling result is almost as entertaining as the real thing was on Sunday night. Watch it above and see for yourself.

Noah also brought up the “Green Book” Best Picture win. “It’s been called the reverse ‘Driving Miss Daisy.’ Because the driver is white, and the passenger is black, and also, they drive in reverse throughout the whole movie,” Noah joked.

But Noah said his favorite moment was when Spike Lee accepted his Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for “BlacKkKlansman.” Lee’s speech provoked an angry response from Donald Trump, who said on Twitter that Lee’s remarks were “a racist hit on your president.”

“That’s right. President Trump called Spike Lee racist. It’s like ‘Black Klansman, that’s offensive folks’” said Noah, launching into his Trump impression. “Should’ve been called ‘Black Very Fine People On Both Sides. Both Sides.”

There’s more, and like we said before, you can watch the whole thing above.

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