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Thursday, August 16, 2018

‘The Daily Show': We Don’t Need an N-Word Tape When Trump’s Said ‘S— Like This’ For Years (Video)

Roy Wood Jr. doesn’t care if Omarose Manigault-Newman is telling the truth when she says she’s heard a tape of Donald Trump saying the N-word.

“You don’t need to wait for a secret tape to prove Trump is racist. He’s been saying s— like this in public for years,” Wood told Trevor Noah on Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show.”

Wood said what worries him is “whenever Trump crosses a line, it only emboldens people to follow.”

“The last thing we need is his supporters hearing him say the n-word,” Wood said. “I guarantee you when these Trump supporters hear that, they’re gonna turn MAGA hats into NAGA hats.

“Wait, N—- America Great Again? I don’t think that works,” Noah interjected.

“No, you’re saying that wrong,” countered Wood. “You gotta say it like this: N—-, America Great Again!”

Noah said he is “relieved” that no N-word tape has been released.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” Wood continued. “Because I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump drops the N-word in a speech before the tape gets leaked. Because if he’s smart, he’ll realize that when he says it in public, he gets away with it… Now all of a sudden the N-word isn’t racist. It’s presidential.”

Watch the whole thing above.

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