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The Men of ‘SNL’ Mansplain Women’s Issues to Scarlett Johansson and Aidy Bryant (Video)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney celebrated International Women’s Day on “SNL” with a sketch featuring all the female cast members that was all about the dudes.

As Aidy Bryant and host Scarlett Johansson explained, the women of “SNL” participated in A Day Without Women on March 8, so they weren’t able to write any sketches for the show. Fortunately, Bennett and Mooney stepped up to write something that would feature all the female cast members. Unfortunately, the sketch ironically featured almost no lines for the women.

“The problem is how women are portrayed in the media,” Bennett said as he and Mooney discussed sexism at a restaurant with each other as Bryant and Johansson looked on. “From a young age women are taught that their value is how they look.”

Mooney agreed. “As a boy growing up, I never experienced that. That’s not fair!”

Meanwhile, Byrant and Johansson had almost no lines, instead saying together, “Thank you for saying that.”

As the women obviously searched the cue cards for their lines, Bennett and Mooney continued to dominate the conversation about what women have to go through.

“Did you know that only 28 out of 100 senators are women?” Bennett asked.

“We have to change that!” Mooney shouted.

“I mean, what do you girls think?” Bennett continued — but there was no line for the women, much to Bryant and Johansson’s confusion.

“There are so many things women have to put up with every day that we’re not even aware of,” Mooney explained. “They’re called microaggressions.”

“Is that true?” asked Bryant and Johansson together.

“I mean, look at this table,” Bennett said, gesturing to another table in the restaurant where the rest of the women on the “SNL” cast were sitting silently. “Probably every single one of these girls has a story to tell.”

The sketch continued without any lines for the women on the cast.

Finally, Mooney and Bennett called out musical guest Lorde to sing in honor of International Women’s Day — but immediately took over the song as the women walked off.

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Source: the wrap feed

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