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Thursday, April 26, 2018

‘The Opposition': Jordan Klepper Begs Hillary Clinton to Stick Around for the GOP’s Sake

On Wednesday night’s episode of “The Opposition With Jordan Klepper,” Klepper basically begged Hillary Clinton to keep being involved with politics, because it’s the only thing the GOP has left to win votes in a mid term election that is trending heavily Democratic.

In his “Just Between Us” segment, in which Klepper’s faux-right wing persona pretends to have a private conversation with like-minded conservatives, Klepper said “”We need Hillary Clinton. She’s basically the whole GOP strategy for winning the midterms. Without her to crap on, our candidates have nothing to stand for.”

Watch the clip above.

“Republicans have already given up on legislating this year and it’s only April,” Klepper said. “If there was no Joker in Gotham, Batman would just be some rich weirdo in a cape, masking it up with a boy acrobat he’s not even related to.”

“We need more Hillary, and we need more Hillary, quick,” Klepper continued. “Just seeing her name makes most people’s buttholes shiver.

“What do we do when Hillary isn’t relevant anymore?” Klepper asked. “Same thing I do when my therapist tells me to stop bringing up my ex-wife: talk about her anyway.”

“You bring out the worst in me,” Klepper joked about Clinton. “Which is my best feature.”

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