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Notice of Confidentiality and Contractual Obligations

The documents contained in and accompanying this e-mail transmission contain information belonging to sender or its client(s) which is privileged by law as private and/or proprietary information, attorney communication, attorney work product, or other client applicable privileges. The information contained in this e-mail is intended solely for the use of the individual(s) and/or entity(ies) named above. If you are not one of the individuals or entities named above, you are prohibited, under law, from reviewing, observing, or retaining this e-mail. YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED that under the law you are prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action with regard to this e-mail or the information set forth therein.YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED that if you are using our email to send us work, documents, notices or other materials consequent to engaging our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the website through which you originally contacted us, and that those entire Terms and Conditions are fully incorporated hereunder by this reference.

Client has the right to terminate our activities in this matter at any time by written notice to Agency. Agency also has the right to terminate its activities at any time by written notice to you, including, without limitation, in the event you fail to pay us any amount required within the requisite time period.

You agree that you will remain liable to pay Agency all fees and costs incurred prior to the time our services on your behalf are terminated, whether such termination of services occurs at your request or at ours.

It is agreed that neither the provisions of this agreement, nor any statements we may make to you, should be construed as a promise or guarantee about the outcome of this or any other matter. We cannot make such promises or guarantees, and any comments we may make about the outcome of this or any other matter are expressions of opinion only.

By your signature and that of the Client below, you as Client agree to pay all fees and costs incurred in this engagement. A facsimile signature of this letter will be treated as through it is an original and will be sufficient to show Client acceptance of this Agreement and of the terms specified herein. Agency accepts said retainer upon the conditions and terms herein set forth, and no other terms unless separately agreed in writing.

Client agrees that all investigative cases, time and work may be billed from Agency’s home office. Client understands the accuracy of the data submitted by the requestor will directly determine the accuracy of results obtained. While information furnished is from reliable sources, its accuracy is not guaranteed. Use of the available data may be subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other applicable laws.

The information contained herein is confidential, and may be subject to such attorney-client and/or attorney work product privileges as may be possessed or enjoyed by Client and/or Client’s legal counsel.

All billing disputes must be submitted in writing to 555 Anton Blvd Suite 150 Costa Mesa Ca 92626 within fifteen (15) days from the date on invoice. After the fifteen (15) days have passed, Agency’s invoice will be considered accurate and accepted by Client. Any credit or discount given after that time will be at the sole discretion of Agency. Full payment is due on receipt of any invoice. Invoices not paid within thirty (30) days will incur a finance charge at the interest rate of 1½% per month (18% per annum). Any credit card or other credit line chargeback, is hereby waived by Client, and if Client charges any sums back against Agency’s account after a charge is processed, Client shall be liable to Agency for three (3) times the face amount of the chargeback or dishonored or bad/bounced check.

No warranty of a particular outcome, result or recovery of information is promised or guaranteed by Agency. Agency contracts to achieve the goals of the engagement with aggressive methods, within the bounds of the law. Any disparagement by Client of Agency in social media, on Internet review sites, or in any public forum shall be deemed to be trade libel, with liquidated damages at the agreed sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) per incident or posting of disparaging material, plus any and all damages proximately caused by such disparagement, plus costs and attorney fees as shown to the court and/or arbitral forum hearing any such dispute. This provision is expressly of the essence of this Agreement.

This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California. The parties consent and agree that any dispute arising hereunder shall be heard and decided in the Superior Court, County of Los Angeles, State of California. The prevailing party in any such lawsuit, arbitration or other judicial proceeding shall be entitled to recover all attorney fees and costs.

Payments by Client are not refundable due to unforeseen events, regulatory issues, acts of nature, force majeure, and circumstances beyond Agency’s control. Agency does not guarantee the results or outcome of investigative work performed pursuant to this Agreement.

This Agreement shall inure to the benefit of the company and all subsidiaries, agents, employees and affiliated websites.

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